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You’re like a model with the new Levi’s Curve IDs&

You’re like a model with the new Levi’s Curve IDs

Brand new Levi’s Curve ID collection has added new colors and trotter options this season.

Spring Summer 2011 Levi’s Curve ID collection will help more women to reach their dream jeans with brand new models. Especially those who prefer high waist when they try Levi’s Curve ID Classic Rise, “That’s what I’m looking for!” He will say.

High Waisted Curve ID NEW
The Modern Rise series of Levi’s Curve ID collection was designed for women with low waist jeans. In the new season, Levi’s ‘I wish there was a high Curve ID’ surprise women who say. Women who prefer to have their jeans fit a little higher on their waist can now find their perfect Levi’s Curve ID jeans in the Classic Rise range that fits the waist more and offers a classic look!

Not body size, shape important!
Are you out of hopes of finding the perfect jean? If yes, you have not yet met the Levi’s Curve ID range! Designed by Jean’s creator Levi’s for women, the “Levi’s Curve ID” series is based on body shape rather than body size.

Levi’s® Curve ID collection includes three different patterns called Slight Curve, Demi Curve and Bold Curve.

Slight Curve fits your waist, basin and calves to make your curves beautiful. With this mold that fits tight on your hips, your jeans will never squeeze your waist anymore.

Demi Curve (Natural Curves) wraps all the curves of the body. It gives the waist a perfect look.

Bold Curve reveals the beauty of the curves of the body and reveals the real female silhouette. As it grasps the waist completely, it leaves no gaps and eliminates the need to pull up while wearing. When you wear Jean, the worry that your waist will have space is literally going down in history …

Levi’s stores have trained sales teams to identify women’s personal Levi’s Curve IDs and help them find the best jeans for their body type and style preferences. Visit a Levi’s store and discover the jeans that best fit your body shape …