Tinker basket storage in boho style

Tinker basket storage in boho style

I love being playful. However, it is not always easy to find the right degree in the circle between “there is something to watch” and “there is something everywhere”. The latter is currently dominating our bathroom. I would like to completely redesign the bathroom: an old bathtub, space-saving, instead of a walk-in shower, and more storage space for towels, cosmetics and toothpastes. Because the tubes, jars and cosmetics standing around give me more headaches. It just looks messy. Well … we live for rent, and therefore a bathroom makeover is possible only within narrow limits. * sighs * To master the chaos though, I have a DIY idea for you today –

Make storage in the boho style

I bought the baskets with lids online

I’m a big fan of baskets. For my bathroom, however, I didn’t choose any “real” baskets. The baskets are made of plastic and are washable. Have you ever leaked an eyeliner or broken an eyeshadow? The paint spreads everywhere. A washable solution is simply very practical. I found my baskets at Otto. As an old online shopping handler, I had a look at Sparwelt before completing the purchase and thus spent even less.

New interpretation of the basket – step by step

The Otto baskets are a good size and are practical but a bit boring. With my DIY they will quickly and easily become really chic boho style baskets.

Aufbewahrungskörbe mit Deckel vorher

DIY Korb – Einkaufsliste

If you like to do handicrafts, you probably already have most of the materials in your home:

Macrame yarn
Embroidery thread in different colors
needle and thread
Spray paint white

1. Design the lid of the basket with spray paint

All kinds of spray paints are actually suitable for this. Spray the lid with the paint and let it dry


2. Cut the threads for the boho decoration

I cut five strands of the macrame yarn, each 32 cm. I cut 3 strands of 50 cm each from the embroidery thread. I took two strands in black and one in anthracite.

Makkramee Garn Stickgarn Boho DIY

3. Knot embroidery thread

I tie the three strands of embroidery thread together so that a long piece of thread is created.

The embroidery thread is knotted into a long piece

4. Wrap embroidery thread around the macrame thread

I fold the macrame yarn halfway down on the table so that a loose loop is created.
Now I take the embroidery thread exactly half the length and start wrapping it around the macrame thread. I wrap the yarn so tightly that it no longer slips and there are no free spaces between the yarn.

When I get to one of the knots in the embroidery thread, I wind the thread around the remnants of the knot, so that the remaining thread disappears under the winding and the knot only looks out a little.

5. Knot the end of the thread

So I now wrap the macrame thread with the embroidery thread until I have processed the entire embroidery thread.

Once at the end of the embroidery thread, I let a few centimeters of the thread stick out. I tie these ends tightly together.

6. Put a pink accent

Now the pink embroidery thread is used. In the end, I wrap it around the resulting loop. At the beginning I wrap it around the lower part of the loop and tie it tightly together. Now I wrap it around the loop several times until I like it visually.
In the end, I pull the pink yarn around the two parts of the loop once and knot the thread on the back of the loop each time.

In principle, it doesn’t matter how you knot the yarn. It should be tight at the end and the knots should be on the back of the loop. This part is not visible later.

7. Unravel the macrame yarn

To make the macrame yarn look really wild and glamorous, I fray it by unraveling the thread.

8. Sew on the boho loop

Now all you have to do is sew the loop on the lid of the storage with a needle and thread. Finished!

Tinker basket storage in boho style

How did you like this DIY? Do you already have boho-style baskets at home? Let me know, I’m happy. 🙂