Small fruit box decoration DIY, great effect in our living room

Small fruit box decoration DIY, great effect in our living room

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-1 sample box (125 ml) wall paint from hardware store
-4 furniture legs from hardware store
The base – buy old fruit boxes

In fact, my old fruit box comes from bulky waste. There it is rather difficult to find a stable, large and reasonably well-preserved fruit box or wine box. In the meantime, these boxes have become quite popular as upcycling furniture for balconies, gardens or in the home and are reluctant to give away, rather to be sold.

Buy fruit boxes in hardware stores

However, this is not a reason to panic. Almost all major hardware stores have recognized the trend and banished the demand for old fruit boxes.
Paint the old fruit crate
I’ve already received so many inquiries. What color can I use to paint wooden furniture, what primer do I need and what does the color have to be sealed with?

Wall paint as a coat of paint?
I come here with my DIY today quite heretical, just take a small color pot of the cheapest wall paint (own brand hardware store) and paint this old, dirty box – without sanding, priming or even laying on several layers.
Furniture feet for the fruit box

Incidentally, the furniture feet are also a hardware store find. If you are looking for special furniture feet, you can also take a look at flea markets or second-hand shops. And if you have the money loose, I recommend hip hairpin legs. I love their filigree look.

Fastening the feet is very easy: drill four large enough holes on the underside with the cordless screwdriver, push the threads of the furniture feet through and screw them onto the inside of the box with a suitable nut. Foolproof!

Small fruit box decoration DIY – the result
A real improvement on before, isn’t it? Pink bling bling for the living room. And the most beautiful thing, the “decorative box” has a very practical function.