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It is a printing technique applied using eco print plants. How about placing the shapes and colors of flowers and leaves on the fabric according to your own taste and preparing a special design with this technique?

You do not need to use only plain white t-shirts when applying eco printi. You can apply different fabrics such as shirts, dresses, scarves, pillow cases or tablecloths. To apply different shapes and colors of flowers or leaves on the fabric, all you have to do is make a design according to your taste.You can use not only leaves and flowers, but also bark, plant roots in this application.
The famous fashion giant DIOR!

Necessary materials
Plastic glove
Jar with lid
Wooden stick
Vegetable fabric (Linen, cotton)
Animal fabric (Silk, wool)
All kinds of plants according to your taste
Copper or iron

When working with fabrics, purple is used to transfer colors to fabric. If you are going to apply leaves and flowers, it is essential to use purple. However, mordant is not needed to transfer the paints and patterns of materials such as copper and iron to the fabric because they oxidize and rust and transfer their colors directly to the fabric as soon as they come into contact with water.


To paint, leave the fabric wrapped with rope in rusty water in a closed jar or bucket. After the fabric has absorbed enough paint, open it and dry it. Then place the flowers and leaves you want to transfer colors and patterns on the fabric according to your taste. Then wrap the fabric tightly around a wooden stick and boil it for about an hour. After the boiling is finished, put it in a bag and let it sit in the bag for at least a week.

Then, slowly open the fabric and wash it with a pH-neutral (pH 7) soap. The pH value of the soap is very important at this point, because other soaps you will use may cause distortion of colors and patterns. And your design prepared with your own hands is now ready to use 🙂
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