Make a door wreath with eucalyptus and oranges

Make a door wreath with eucalyptus and oranges

Eucalyptus branches decoration idea of the last years
You have probably seen these beautiful branches with round, small, pale green leaves? These are eucalyptus branches and they just look beautiful.

There are different types of eucalyptus, but the Silver Dollar and Cinerea varieties have become really popular.

There are different types of eucalyptus, but the Silver Dollar and Cinerea varieties have become really popular.

The eucalyptus branches are wonderful as a subtle decoration, tied in the advent wreath, as a decorative branch on gifts or just in a flower vase. Eucalytus always looks classy and, with its pale gray-green color, matches almost all colors.

Color combination green & orange
I also like the eucalyptus branches very much. However, the eucalyptus alone is a little too noble for me. 🙂 So I combine the chic leaves on my door wreath with the bold colors of dried orange slices.

Dry the orange slices
To do this, I cut an orange into thin, even slices and dry the slices. There are two ways to do this: either leave the orange slices in the air for about two weeks or use the oven. For this, the discs must be at 100 ° min. Dried slowly in the oven for 3 hours.

The orange peel burns at a higher temperature and the drying process takes much longer at a lower temperature. I clearly recommend air drying the trays. Takes longer, but does not cost any energy and exudes a pleasant smell in the apartment during the dry season. 🙂

Tie door wreath – materials
Door wreaths can be tied with very different materials: branches, flowers, wire of imagination have no limits.

Tie wire
I have had good experiences with binding with paper wire. It can be easily bent and easily cut with scissors. There is also paper wire in beautiful colors. I also particularly like thin jewelry wire in gold or copper – provided the color matches the metal ring of the wreath.

Unfortunately, the orange peel does not last long. So that they sit nicely on the ring, do not slide down or hang down, I would have to glue them with hot glue. So that the glue is not visible, I pressed individual eucalyptus leaves onto the hot glue, which had not yet cooled completely.

Macrame yarn for the finishing touch
And finally, a few threads of macrame yarn came around the ring. I think it gives the wreath that certain something and a playful boho look.
Make door wreath with eucalyptus & oranges
The result is impressive, isn’t it? In the meantime, the eucalyptus leaves have dried and are not quite as green, but are still very pretty to look at.

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