stylish quotes to try this summer

10 stylish quotes to try this summer

From fine chic details to bold designs, we have compiled the most stylish nail trends of this season for you.

New quotes are a great way to add something extra to your look. You always try and love classic colors, but why don’t you try some crazy things for your next manicure?

From fine chic details to bold designs, there are great trends for everyone this season.

1. Graphic detail
This seems to be the most daring view of the season. Choose contrast colors to gather all the stitches on you, or choose similar tones for a softer style. Try it out with simple shapes and patterns. If you’re after a more detailed design, you might want to go to a professional.

2. CD quotes
Embrace the 90s with a holographic CD nail polish. This eye-catching appearance can be easily achieved with a special pigment of small reflective particles. Start with bare nails or the desired base color, apply a pigment layer and finish with a transparent sealing gel.

3. Pearl detail
Pearl nail trend has been in use for some time now. The best thing about this trend is how versatile it is. If you’re looking for something luxurious, apply real pearls to your nails. Depending on how attractive you want to look, you can apply one to each nail on the nail or close your nails completely. However, if you want a slightly thinner look, an iridescent pearl nail polish is an excellent alternative.

4. Zigzag quotes
Zigzag nails may look complicated but are relatively easy to do at home. Only two colors of nail polish, a little sticky tape and a little patience will complete this retro manicure in a very short time.

5. Marble detail
Believe it or not, the marble workbench you dreamed of for your kitchen is a great inspiration for a manicure! This sophisticated trend is easy to do with the help of one of the many do-it-yourself videos online. Start with a single nail, or if you have more confidence, do all your nails.

6. Animal pattern
Animal designs are one of the trends that are thought to never end. While a classic leopard or cheetah print always looks good, why not try the newest edition of the season: Cow print!

7. Geometric Art
Try geometric art for a different style. This design consists entirely of sharp lines and bold shapes. Don’t be afraid to be really creative here with different patterns on each nail.

8. Single nail detail
Unleash your creativity with a single nail detail. For this flamboyant trend, paint all but one nail in the color of your choice and explode the remaining nail! The classic option is a single metallic or glittering nail, but you can try out patterns or graphics. The facilities are endless!

9. Metallic nails
Metallic nails are peaking this season. This madness seems to be with Kylie Jenner all over Hollywood right now. The metallic trend looks great in almost any color with longer nails.

10. Galaxy quotes
Space-inspired design began to emerge in all the do-it-yourself videos on the Internet, making it a trend to watch. Galaxy nails are surprisingly easy to make at home, and due to their abstract nature, the options are quite numerous.