5 Library Solutions for Pleasant Reading Corners

5 Library Solutions for Pleasant Reading Corners

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If your home has an industrial style or modern masculine character, a large library of metal shelving systems will give your space an attractive look. In order to support the high ceiling perception and increase the sense of limitlessness specific to the loft style, a library solution that covers a wall throughout also serves to meet the needs of storage and display.

Lambader, Cumba Selection

Arketipo brand Jupiter seat and beanbag, Sihir Mobilya

Ferum bookcase, Mudo Concept

Take advantage of design classics


If you prefer your library among design classics such as the Cassina brand Nuage library by Charlotte Perriand, you will be the leading actor of your space. This will be followed by the seat and lighting you choose for your reading corner. Prefer your seat in black, gray or neutral shades so as not to get in front of your library. Instead of ceiling lights, a soft light lamp that will not be tiring next to your reading chair will allow you to concentrate more easily.

Ox armchair by Hans J. Wegner, Nordist

Mogg brand Piantama floor lamp, İtaldeko

Cassina brand Nuage bookcase, Mosaic

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Be careful when placing books


If you want to add a difference to your space, you can paint your wooden bookcase in green or oil blue, which is among the favorite colors of this year. One-dimensional books lined up in rows while placing your books create a monotonous look. Emre Özer, from Özer + Tulgan Architect, says: “You should not put all the books upright, but also include books that are horizontally and lined up according to their size. You can put them either alone or where the vertical books are finished.”

Molteni & C. brand bookshelf, Konak Furniture

Cozy L pull-out bed, Mudo Concept

Carpet, Selam Carpet

Add an architectural dimension with wall niches


When the library solution appears as niches carved on the wall without being limited by furniture, it adds an architectural depth to the space. Again, the plants that you will place in these niches or on the shelves of your library will support the intellectual and sophisticated atmosphere of your space. Experts say that a place dominated by white and soft colors diffuses the light more accurately and increases your reading pleasure.

Ilfanale brand floor lamp, Tepta

Vita sofa, MVoice

Poltrona Frau brand bookcase, BMS

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Do not give up a naturalist look


Wenn Sie zu den Buchliebhabern gehören, die sich gerne mit Büchern beschäftigen und in tiefe Geschichten eintauchen, ist es vielleicht die beste Idee, Ihre wertvollsten Bücher, die Sie ausgewählt haben, in Ihrem Archiv in einer Bibliothek abzulegen, in der Sie Ihr Bett zu etwas Besonderem machen können. Sie können die Komfortdosis mit dekorativen Kissen erhöhen und dem Ort mit grünen Pflanzen frische Luft hinzufügen. Denken Sie daran, dass Ihr Hauptziel darin besteht, Ihre Dekoration zu vervollständigen, ohne natürliche Töne für eine angenehme und beruhigende Atmosphäre zu hinterlassen!

Lighting, Hamm

Pillow from Modern Classics collection, Pillow by Rıfat Özbek

Copper flower pot by Mon Design

Editor’s Note: Renzo Mongiardino’s Interiors and Architecture is a must-read for home decoration! Recognized as one of the best designers in the late twentieth century, this book by Renzo Mongiardino offers an excellent look to both classic and new generation design lovers.