2020 Spring Winter Hair Trends

2020 Spring Winter Hair Trends

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We are going back to the hair trend of the 1940s: Retro models … You can reach the romantic look of the old times by giving big and distinctive waves to the hair you have separated from the side. This hairstyle looks much more beautiful on short hair, just to tell us!

Ponytail Hairstyles

High ponytail, one of the most hit hairstyles of the 90’s, is one of the most favorite models of the season with its stylish appearance and comfort. You can follow the trend much more closely by wearing large and self-showing buckles.

Bun Hairstyles

The auger is among the models that always take its place among romantic hairstyles. This season the auger merges with the mace and comes out a beautiful model! However, there is an issue to be aware of; that is the level of your knob. As in previous seasons, the knob is not on the hill, but at the nape of the neck or in the middle of your head.

Natural Looking Hairstyles

Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong… You don’t have to be afraid of getting your hair wet from the rain this season! Because the new trend is that your hair is wet and messy as if it was wet from the rain. If you have bangs, you can stick it on your forehead and put your hair length into a messy shape.

Braid Hairstyles

Timeless braids come out in both classic and more colorful forms this season. In addition to the herringbone pattern made for long hairs, knits decorated with full length scarf were displayed on the catwalks.