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10 sink designs that will add entertainment to the home

10 sink designs that will add entertainment to the home  

Embrace fun textures, patterns, and colors …

We’ve compiled 10 designs for your sink, from birds and butterflies to flowers and leaves. Get inspired to create a fun and lively space with strange wallpapers, mirrors and artwork.

Botanical beauty

This nature-inspired wallpaper with wildlife and greenery is paired with a fun, red mirror to create a great image. The choice of white sinks gives the place a modern and stylish feel.


Shiny gold accents complete this bold wall covering with leopards between a blue-green floor.

Full of flamingos

This tropical sink, which you are greeted with a detailed wallpaper full of flamingos, looks quite modern and attractive.

Flying butterflies

In this stylish sink design, all four walls are covered with a detailed wallpaper with birds and butterflies flying between tree branches.

Vintage charm

It has a vintage style sink, floral wallpaper, white ruffled mirror and shiny gold accents. Pale pink details add a fun style to the space.

White accents

The bold, floral wallcovering pairs with white accents from the mirror to the glossy sink, creating a great look.

High contrast

Bright gold and matt black create a great contrast in the sink. Sesur wall covering, designed to resemble peacock feathers, adds a different atmosphere to the environment.

Bright and tropical

In this strange display sink; A bright white makeup, a tropical wallpaper, and a detailed round mirror combine to create a great look.

Retro style

The black and white checkered floor tiles and glossy black makeup give this space a retro feel, while the fun wall covering adds a fun touch.

Forest air

This detailed wallpaper with depiction of exotic monkeys, birds and trees will make you feel like you are in a forest. The area is complemented by light in gold tones, as well as a yellow ceiling and moldings.