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♥◊♦◊⇒ Shiny hair dyes ⇐◊♦◊♥

◊♦◊⇒ Shiny hair dyes ◊♦◊

While fashion weeks continue at full speed, 2020 fashion trends are beginning to show themselves. Let’s take a closer look at 8 styles that stand out from the 2020 trends, which are full of comfortable and wearable styles …

During fashion weeks, when we watch fashion shows, we often think that many pieces are not worn and are generally not worth trying. Good news? The 2020 trends are full of comfortable, wearable styles that will make you feel at home without feeling like wearing a costume. To help you stand out this year, we’ve compiled 8 trends that you must try.

Midi skirts

We can say that 2020 will be a midi skirt year completely. Midi skirts will be everywhere this year. Women feel very comfortable with midi skirts, and one of the best parts is that they can be easily worn by simply changing shirts and shoes. You can pair it with straps and heels, or if you’re looking for a more comfortable combination, you can wear it with a T-shirt and sneakers.

Shiny hair dyes

Bold color bangs are a big trend this year not only for clothing, shoes and jewelry, but also for hairstyles. Temporary bright colors are getting ready to appear everywhere this year. We can see lively and bold hair transformations in our environment.

Colorful suit

If you want to add some style to your office for 2020, you are lucky. We can say that colorful suits will make an explosion. 2020 will be the year of this outstanding dress. You can draw all eyes on your next meeting with a colorful team.

Sustainable fashion

With recent statements on the environmental impact of fast fashion, 2020 turned to an environmentally friendly style. There will be many fashion designers and brands offering alternatives for sustainable fashion over the coming years. Recently, sustainability has become one of the leading trends in the global fashion industry. And not only small shops, but also many big brands are working on sustainable fashion.

Puff sleeves

Looking for an easy way to upgrade your style to the next level this year? Try something with puff sleeves. Puff sleeves raise the trend level and look suitable for daily use, office or any place you can think of. So how should you dress them? Minimal accessories such as a small earring or an elegant necklace would be great for these bold silhouettes.

Square toe heels

It’s not just classic shirts and skirts that make a style boom this year; Shoes are also inspired by retro. One of the biggest trends we’ve seen for 2020 is square toe shoes. This trend will make a big boom in warmer spring months.

Tassels and fringes

Sometimes, there may be a missing, glamorous thing in your outfit. The bohemian tassel trend continues to return every few years and is playing to the top this year. If you feel adventurous, try a bag with impressive fringe details.

Flower prints

When it comes to stylish looks in 2020, there is a literally budding trend. Spring is the perfect time to show off your flowers. Not sure how to wear it? You can always match floral prints with pieces that can combine your look beautifully.