⇑⊗⇑⊗⇑ We examined the trend destinations⇑⊗⇑⊗⇑ ⇑⊗⇑⊗⇑of  2020.⇑⊗⇑⊗⇑

⇑⊗⇑⊗⇑ We examined the trend destinations⇑⊗⇑⊗⇑

⇑⊗⇑⊗⇑of  2020.⇑⊗⇑⊗⇑

Editing Date: February 25, 2020, 23:00

We examined the trend destinations of 2020. Check out the most trending countries and cities that will be popular in 2020 before setting your travel route.

If you want to get less known destinations on your radar while making your travel plans for 2020, you can take a look at the list we have compiled from Airbnb’s trending cities.

Milwaukee, USA

The historic jewel on the shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, has been overlooked to this day, but is home to amazing bars, scenic restaurants and fascinating cultural centers such as the Calatrava art museum. You can also use the 170-kilometer bike path to explore the region.

Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao, which has experienced a remarkable transformation over time from a dark industrial city to a developed cultural center, is worth seeing with its lively dinner areas, breathtaking architecture and unforgettable city skyline. In addition to the re-opening of the Guggenheim Museum by Frank Gehry, it will also host European football tournaments that put Bilbao among trends in 2020.

Buriram, Thailand

Phanom Rung is undoubtedly the most known monument of Buriram, which is home to Khmer monuments, one of the most precious of the rural areas of Thailand. Although its more famous neighbor is not as popular as Cambodia, 2020 is among the things to be visited. Another reason for this is MotoGP, which will be held in Chang International Circuit in March.

Sunbury, Australia

Reaching the northwest of Melbourne with a short drive, Sunbury is an invaluable destination for those who love to explore with its natural life, vineyards and Victorian architecture. The place, which is believed to be the birth of cricket sports, seems to embrace those who want to participate in ICC T20 World Cup events in Melbourne in 2020.

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With its pristine hills and ancient rural towns, Romania is one of the ideal destinations for those who want to make their travel plans off the main road. The country, which is the 15th best in the world according to 2018 data on ecosystem conservation, is also one of the best protected areas of virgin forests.

Xi’an, China

Considered one of the places where Chinese civilization was born, Xi’an hosts a collection of prehistoric terracotta warriors discovered by local farmers in 1974. The historical richness of the region, which is also known as the open air museum of China, turns into a different experience with its night markets and performances in 2020.

Eugene, USA

The Northwest Pacific itself can be a great opportunity for 2020 to meet its small but very big city. Eugene, where many multinational companies were founded, gained its main popularity by being the cooking center of Oregon. Surrounded by natural beauties, the region opens its doors to visitors with high ecological awareness and is taking firm steps towards becoming an important base for the development of the organic food industry. The green city, which aims to reach the carbonless airspace next year, also has natural tracks for jogging enthusiasts.


This small city, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, is worth seeing with its fascinating history and dramatic geography. The city itself, as well as the forested hills that host the country’s medieval castles and impressive towns, and extraordinary vineyards are among the must-experience.

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Guadalajara, Mexico

Finally, Mexico’s second largest city is gaining recognition that it deserves. From the colonial period architecture in the Chapultepec neighborhood to its exciting selection of festivals and museums, Guadalajara is also one of the places that take ambitious steps to become a green city.


The archipelago settlement, located 3000 kilometers east of Australia, is one of the places where Pacific wildlife can be observed most strikingly. With over 80 islands and over 100 native languages, it is a region where cultural diversity envelops you. From adventure climbing volcanic mountain to scuba diving, many adventure dosage high activity options are also possible.

⇑⊗⇑⊗⇑ We examined the trend destinations⇑⊗⇑⊗⇑

⇑⊗⇑⊗⇑of  2020.⇑⊗⇑⊗⇑