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±∼≅≠ If you are wearing pastels, prefer lighter and neutral shoes ≠≅∼‡√

±∼≅≠ If you are wearing pastels, prefer lighter and neutral shoes ≠≅∼‡√

Pay attention to these rules when choosing accessories and look gorgeous.

There are wrong practices about accessories that are indispensable in preparing a woman. The accessory can make you look nicer than you are, or it can make you look complicated. Therefore, you need to know which accessory you use with which piece. We have some suggestions for you on this subject.

Do not use more than 3-4 pieces of accessories together
You can combine large accessories in one clothing. However, these should not be more than 4 and the color should match in style.

Creation Date: 24 February 2020 15:00

Don’t hide your big collars with your shawls

If the jacket or coat you are wearing is already large, you don’t need to add a shawl or scarf to this outfit. Instead, you can wear a small scarf around your neck.

You can use matching jewelry in small accessories

Some people do not like the use of accessories, but if the size of the jewelry is small, using matching jewelry may seem elegant.

Forget that bags and shoes should be the same color

You do not have to use a bag that matches your shoes in color and model. If your shoes are too bright, it would be much better to use a bag in contrasting shades.

Set your priorities

Bright clothes, eye-catching makeup, eye-catching accessories should not be used together. Determine the effect you want to achieve and apply it to your clothes. It would be an exaggeration to combine a fluffy collar blouse and a large diamond earring.

Do not wear watches with evening dresses

Wrist watches are for urban, sporty or business styles. It is not very convenient to combine an evening dress with a watch.

Big ring rings do not suit everyone

Thin rings make your fingers look longer. Thick rings do not look good on short fingers. Consider when choosing your rings.

The glove should match a color on you

The quick way to choose the right colored gloves; looking at the color of your shoe, belt, or lipstick. As a rule, your gloves should be compatible with at least one of your clothes.

Don’t wear black shoes if you wear pastel shades

If you are wearing pastels, prefer lighter and neutral shoes. Dark shoes look very hard in these combinations.

Use ethnic jewelry in one-color clothing

If you are going to use lots of thread or bead type accessories, you can soften the image with neutral colored clothes.


±∼≅≠ If you are wearing pastels, prefer lighter and neutral shoes ≠≅∼‡√